Prih (imsodirtyhoney) wrote,


I have so many e-books that I decided to share them, specially because some of them were really difficult to find to download. Filth by Irvine Welsh, for example, took me almost A MONTH to get it, in fact I gave up on trying to download it and bought it but then I found it online after my hardcover edition had been delivered. It turns out I hated the book and regret every cent I spent buying it Extremely Loud & Incredibly Clos was also really difficult to find. That's why I like e-books so much. If I fall in love with the book, I'll certainly buy it, but I refuse to buy if I'm not sure it's a good decision. Let's be honest, not everyone can afford to buy all the books that wants to read.

I'm uploading a bunch of book series right now, I hope you join and enjoy it.

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